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Andre Bessa
2007 8 'n' Pole Top 10
2007 8 'n' Pole Top 10
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Post by Andre Bessa » Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:32 am

Hello everybody! I am an 30 years old engineer and live in São José dos Campos, Brazil. I've been watching F1 since I was a little kid... Nelson Piquet winning the 1981 championship is one of my earliest memories. Of course I am a great fan of Piquet and Senna, and also of our current drivers, Barrichello and Massa. I believe that Massa can be a great contender this year, if he has more luck...

I find this competition fantastic! This year I 've been as high as 2nd, but placed my bets in Hamilton on last round... Anyway I am honored by being 7th place and I am looking forward for 2008 competition. Congratulations to all the winners and specially to pingf1, who won our group and finished 3rd overall.

Also thanks to newsonf1 crew for creating this amazing site.

The Meanest
2007 8 'n' Pole Runner Up
2007 8 'n' Pole Runner Up
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Post by The Meanest » Mon Jan 28, 2008 5:46 am

Hi The Meanest here.

I have been in the 8 n Pole comp since the start in 2001.
I've been lucky enough to finish runner up twice, third once and diddly squat the other years.

I am a Police Officer in a small town in the Waikato, New Zealand.

I got interested in F1 around 2001 and just happened on this web site which is really good.8 n Pole comp is still the best. :!:

My fav driver is the one and only Schumi - such a great competitor and he showed recently that he still has the goods during pre-season testing.

My pick for this year from testing so far is Kimi and Ferrari with the McLarens pretty close. Hopefully Hamilton will get beaten by Kovalainen.

Good luck for 2008 and congrats to MrLaw for a great win in 2007.

Interesting 8 n Pole observation :roll:
All the winners of the comp havn't appeared in the top twenty in other years :shock:
Watching with interest

2007 8 'n' Pole Top 20
2007 8 'n' Pole Top 20
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Post by biye » Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:45 pm


I'm Zulkhairi from Malaysia. I'm lost for almost the whole season of 2007. I did pick the drivers only once I think. I did not have time to really concentrate in this competition until I've received an email that I'm in 15th overall, wow! Make me wake up again.

I've been in this race for a couple of years and forsure I will be back in 2008. .8 n Pole comp is still the best.

My fav driver is Kimi.

Good luck for 2008 and congrats to MrLaw for a great win in 2007.

Also thanks to newsonf1 crew for creating this amazing site.

Go go KIMI !!!

2007 8 'n' Pole Third Place
2007 8 'n' Pole Third Place
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Post by pingf1 » Wed Jan 30, 2008 3:11 am

Hi my name is Paulo (a.k.a. Pinguim). I am a 53 years old systems engineer working for an aerospace company. I was very lucky in 2007 to get the 3rd place overall. I was born in Brasil but I live now in USA. I have been a F1 fan since the early 70's. First with Emerson/Wilson Fittipaldi and Carlos Pace. Then, with Piquet, Senna, Barrichello and Massa. Now in 2008 with Piquet Jr too...
2007 was a very competitive season. It was very fun for me to be part of the "BolaoF1Valendo" group. I want to congratulate the winners and my friend Bessa for his 7th place overall.
I am looking forward for the 2008 competition...

2007 8 'n' Pole Champion
2007 8 'n' Pole Champion
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Post by mrlaw » Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:54 am

Hello F1 race fans!!! :D

I'm Mrlaw and the proud Champion of the 2007 8 'n' pole competition. :lol:
Thank you News on F1 for this great competition .And thank you all for the props.
I started 8 'n' pole halfway in 2006 . I've been a Formula one enthusiast as long as I can remember . For me 2007 was the one of the best race seasons in many years. Hopefully 2008 will be even better .Go Lewis!
It was nice to see Pikkermans, who also lives in the Netherlands Antilles, in the top 5 ! A great achievement for a small island .
Good luck in 2008


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