Ye picture quiz answers

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Ye picture quiz answers

Post by lemon_martini2 » Mon Jun 26, 2006 5:18 am

Impressive from the three entrants.I didn't particularly need a specific model-as long as you identified the team correctly,you got the mark. So here we go.

1.AGS-1986-Didier Pironi(testing in an attempt at an F1 comeback)
2.Honda-1965-Richie Ginther(Honda's first win)
3.McLaren-2005-Pedro de la Rosa(subbing for Montoya)
4.Kurtis Kraft/John Zinc-1955-Bob Sweikert(winning the Indy 500)
5.Vanwall-1958-Stuart Lewis Evans(Vanwall's first WCC and last season)
6.Coloni-1991-Naoki Hattori(failed to qualify,disappeared)
7.Matra-1969-Jackie Stewart(winning his first WDC)
8.Tyrrell-1984-Stefan Bellof(at Monaco,where he sprang to prominence)
9.Ferrari-1961-Wolfgang von Trips(car known as the 'sharknose')
10.Lola-1997-Vincenzo Sospiri(hopelessly adrift at even going round track)
11.Life-1990-Bruno Giacomelli(80s racer who returned to go very slowly)
12.Arrows-1979-Patrese(in his wild days-Arrows never quite made it)
13.Ferrari-2001-Michael Schumacher(red/black design to mark 9/11)
14.Hesketh-1975-James Hunt(winning first GP.The FUN team!)
15.Monteverdi-1990-JJ Lehto(winter testing the 91 car before team failed)

I thought 1 and 15 would give the most problems...

On our podium We have

:3rd: 34/45 TK
:2nd: 38/45 RE30B#16
:1st: 43/45 arykm

Well done! New quiz arriving when I return from my stint of carousing on the Med(pics available!)
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Post by <T-K> » Wed Aug 09, 2006 1:52 am

:woohoo: :woohoo: 3rd out of I feel good about myself :lol:

Julian Mayo
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Post by Julian Mayo » Mon Aug 21, 2006 1:16 am

<T-K> wrote::woohoo: :woohoo: 3rd out of I feel good about myself :lol:
How did I miss this thread :cry:
I could have made TK feel even better about himself
:rolling: :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: :rolling:

Its an age thing TK
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