New Year's Resolutions for Auto Racing Gearheads

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New Year's Resolutions for Auto Racing Gearheads

Post by mlittle » Thu Nov 24, 2005 3:53 pm

Okay, I know it's late November but it is close to the end of the year, so I got to wondering, if you're like me, what are some things you'd like to do in 2006? Well, never fear, for I've got some suggestions on how to spend the 2006 motorsports season(IMHO).....

1}Visit Long Beach for a grand prix weekend.....Of all the street races on the Champ Car World Series schedule, this one should be at the top of your resolutions list. It's three days of non-stop racing action, coupled with the party-atmosphere of the Pacific coast in early April. What was that old school phrase...."party hearty and call in sick on Monday!" This race will do that to you.

2}Visit Indy anytime during the month of May and play a round of golf at Brickyard Crossing. Right off of turn two is the Speedway's own golf course, Brickyard Crossing, and its' said that drivers over the years, from Parnelli Jones to Rick Mears to Sam Hornish, Jr., have seen golf balls flying whilst practicing at IMS. One word of hooks or slices, please. Last thing you'd want is to knock one into the speedway itself. :shock: :shock: And, while you're at it, if you have the tickets,

3}Watch The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500. It is THE granddaddy of race events, and although its' luster has been tarnished a bit by the AOWR split, it's still great, and everything that happens on Memorial Day Sunday, from the Purdue Marching Band's rendition of "Taps" to Jim Nabors' singing of "Back Home Again in Indiana" to the firing of the 33 cars' engines, still can bring grown men to their knees. The Brickyard is living, breathing history, and will give you a lifetime's worth of memories.

4}Call in and argue your points on whatever is happening in the motorsports world with Wind Tunnel's Dave Despain. But make sure your points have substance to them when you call, though; the old curmudgeon doesn't take fools lightly. :shock: :shock: :shock:

5}Watch the V8 Supercars at Bathurst. Maybe its' the geographical isolation of Australia, but to them, the Bathurst 1000 IS the greatest race on earth. The cars are out of this world; Mt. Panorama, where the race is held, is incomparable as a race venue(just read Julian Mayo's own words on Bathurst in the V8 Supercars forum!), and the race is a true endurance classic on the motorsports calendar.

6}See the sunrise during the Rolex 24 at Daytona. I'm not a stock-car fan, so the only time I ever go to Daytona is to watch the 24 Hrs. of Daytona, and besides the racing, there's nothing like seeing the sunrise come over the stands the morning during the race. Watching the sun glint off the fronthoods of the Daytona Prototypes is worth staying up all night to watch.

7}Get a two-seat ride in a Champ or IndyCar. At every IRL race(or CC oval race), they give a selected few fans the opportunity to ride in the series' 2-seater. Its' worth the price of admission, and it usually guarantees that the fans'll return for the following year's race.

8}Go to the Goodwood Festival at least once in your lifetime. To call it a historic festival would cause Lord March to shoot you himself. Every year, racers past and present drive some of the world's classic racecars, from Formula 1 cars, to sports cars, American IndyCars, to even American stock-cars, up the long driveway leading to Goodwood House. While you're at it, if its' possible, stay for the Goodwood Revival and watch the same racecars on the old Goodwood racecourse.

9}Stay up for the entire 24 Hrs. of LeMans. Granted, it's a lot easier than it sounds, but its' an E-ticket ride well worth the cost. The 8+ mile Sarthe circuit features tons of attractions, from the funfare, all the paddock shops inside the circuit, the LeMans museum, restaurants all around, and some of the best racing in the world.

If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to post them here, just keep the remarks clean, okay?
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